Please come and be a volunteer              

Volunteer Training Advert Autumn 2019 Colour

Volunteer Training Programme Oct-Dec 2019

Home-Start always needs volunteers. Volunteers

If you are interested please get in touch with us via our contacts page.

Existing volunteers can take advantage of our downloadable forms here.


CREDIBLE trustworthy

 CONVENIENT suitable, easy to use

CREATIVE able to adapt to circumstance

CONSTRUCTIVE serving to improve, positive


COMMUNITY-BASED  accessible, where help is needed

CHARITY the giving of help to those in need


( who, if paid £7 per hour, would each cost £1,400 per year )  and

 CONTINUITY building relationships & exploring

 CULTURAL CARE during volunteer training – inherited ideas, beliefs, values and knowledge which constitutes shared bases of social action

COOKING skills shared by and for various events – to the benefit of everyone!

Our Volunteers Credentials:

CORE to our scheme

COME FORWARD to offer one’s service

CONSTANT (unchanging, resolute, loyal)

COMMITMENT (the act of committing or pledging)

COMPREHENSION (the act or capacity of understanding)

COMMUNION (an exchange of thoughts, emotions etc.)

CONSIDERATION (thought towards other people)

CHOICES (alternative action or possibility)

COACHING (in parenting and life skills)

CONFIDING (trusting)



and in return, we offer them…

COURSES of preparation

COMPREHENSIVE ongoing training


CAREFUL matching to COMPATIBLE families

CAMARADERIE through trust

COFFEE MORNINGS (social gatherings)

COUNSELLING (consultation, to think or talk over with)

CULTIVATION (to improve and develop)

CAREER options


COACHES transport families for a special day out each summer

and …….

CHRISTMAS is  made  special  for  families by  providing  parties  and  pantomime  trips

 Have  you  had  children?

If  yes,  you  have  valuable  experience  and  understanding  to  support  another  parent  currently  struggling  to  cope…

perhaps  with  loneliness,

post  natal  depression,

special  needs…

If  you  have  3-4  hours  a  week  spare  to  REALLY  MAKE  A  DIFFERENCE

to  a  local  family  with  pre-school  children  by  home  visiting  weekly


01322  225  100      office@homestartnwkent.org.uk 

Volunteer Views

  • “Being a volunteer for Home-Start has been fantastic.
  • I joined the training course and learnt a lot and also made some new friends.
  • I have been with my second family for nearly a year now, because of the level of support they need.
  • I just love to see the children’s faces light up when I walk through the door and when mum says it’s about time I had a friend like you.
  • We have laughed together – and cried together
  • but most of all they feel supported and know there is somebody who cares.
  • As a volunteer that somebody is you and that’s what makes it worth it.
  • With the continued support you receive from staff – plus the training,
  • nothing is hard to overcome or get through –
  • and I personally have learnt a lot being part of these families lives.
  • “I feel appreciated by Home-Start”        
  • “Such a privilege to be involved”
  • “The relationship with other volunteers is excellent.
  • There is such a mix, especially from minority ethnic groups.
  • There is a lot of trust and I have made good friends.”
  • “I am enjoying visiting young families and feel that I have learnt a lot
  • about a wide range of difficulties they sometimes face.  I continue to be grateful for the support of my family in the years when I was bringing up my own children.”
  • “As a family, I felt it gave me hope – for a future where I could be happy and confident and a good enough mum.  As a volunteer, it gives me a chance to help others – to give back what I received –
  • to grow as a person, train, realise my potential, relate to others.  Also, a sense of belonging.”
  • “It is a nice feeling when the door opens and the family are so pleased to see me. 
  • Knowing that just a few hours a week makes such a difference to someone
  •  makes being a befriender so worthwhile.”
  • “Home-Start involvement has given me the opportunity to meet people with different knowledge and backgrounds, both while training and at social events.
  • I look forward to visiting my family, talking to mum and playing with the children.
  • I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing my visit is appreciated.”
  • “It helps me to put my personal skills and study experience to practice”
  • “It’s very rewarding to know that in a small way I have helped families through some difficult periods in coping with their children’s upbringing.
  • I have made some very good friends amongst the parents I have visited and feel I have gained a deeper understanding of the complications of modern family life”
  • “I feel rewarded as I witness parents confidence  grow.  I receive back as much as I give.”
  • “I feel like an ‘honorary Grandma’ to the twins in the family I currently visit”
  • “I’ve encouraged, praised, hugged, listened, passed on recipes given to me by my own mother, played with numerous children and cuddled all those beautiful babies!”